overthinking the idiot box

The Cliffhanger Report
Hard to keep track of television's most shocking season enders? SMRT-TV breaks them down for you.
The Apprentice: Still Hitting the Glass Ceiling
The newest Apprentice is a woman, but are the ladies of Trump still stuck inside the box?

The Recasting Dilemma

Are new cast members always a sign of shark-jumping, or can they mean a new lease on life?
Science and Math: Not Just for Nerds Anymore
Is the new trend of hard science QED?
At the Buzzer
Real Sports With Bryant Gumble — now THAT'S smart TV.

Be Careful Out There
Cold Case and bad choices.

by Andreanna Ditton

Bride of TiVo
Losing control isn't all bad.

Free Truman

How do you know it's love if there's not a camera around?

Holographic Wow
Will sci-fi find its way back onto the networks?

London Calling

Eurovision: a showcase of cheap tat, shiny dresses and bad pop lyrics.


Frank Black fights for dames and homos!

Traditional voice actors: overshadowed by stunt-cast guest stars?
The Golden Girls: Season 1
No, ladies, thank YOU for being our friends
BONUS: Download an exclusive audio commentary on the Golden Girls pilot!

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