overthinking the idiot box

SMRT-TV vs. The Networks!
Daily coverage of the Fall 2005 Upfronts

Monday: NBC
Tuesday: The WB
Tuesday: ABC
Wednesday: CBS

Thursday: Fox and UPN
Commentary by
Adam Lipkin & Alison Veneto


At the Buzzer
Why watching the Kentucky Derby is as big a gamble as betting on it.

by Alan Bloom

Be Careful Out There
Is NUMB3ERS reinventing the crime drama, or just driving copy-editors insane?

by Andreanna Ditton

Bride of TiVo
The Bride's version of the Widow's Walk.

Free Truman

How the hell does AMERICAN IDOL do it?

Holographic Wow
Sayonara, STAR TREK.

London Calling

Shiny little poofs and The Threatening Gay.


Crazy clown sidekicks, and the hot ecoterrorists who love them.

Cuddly little creatures, fact and fiction.
Haiku about LOST!
Polar bears are bliss
Lack of secrets revealed - not?
Read haiku, discuss

"Morality Is Irrelevant"

Will new technology create a new television industry?
That Show You Like Is Back In Style
VERONICA MARS and the legacy of TWIN PEAKS.
Arrested Development Season 1
There's money in the banana stand.

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