overthinking the idiot box

September 19, 2005

Letter from the editor
Welcome back, SMRT-ypants!

It's not that we wanted a summer vacation. In fact, this year, it doesn't really feel like the television season ever really ended (where The West Wing ended, Battlestar Galactica began). But sometimes it's good to take some time. Think about new ideas. Reapproach some old ones.

Beyond a slightly slicker main page, you'll note some big changes to our format. Specifically, we're shorter. Columnists will be alternating issues now: odd issues will feature At The Buzzer, Free Truman, Holographic Wow, and Out-Takes, even issues will feature Be Careful Out There, London Calling, Zoinks, and our new columns on the entertainment industry and the late-night talk show.

But while we're lighter on columns, we make up for it with an exciting new feature — Justin Winters will be writing daily updates for the new Channel Flipping section on the front page. So be sure to come back tomorrow, and all the days after, to find out what you really should be watching that night.

And speaking of exciting new features! Alison interviews Adam Baldwin about his role in the feature film Serenity, Joss Whedon's second chance at bringing the canceled Firefly series to life. Jenni says what we were all saying during the 2005 Emmys: What the fuck? And Mike Olson trips the night fantastic — via the remote control. And Mike Celestino may love The X-Files, but that doesn't mean that the new Mythology box sets are worth his money.

So, what's keeping you? Get to reading! And get ready for Episode 2, coming in just two weeks!

(Oh, and thanks for stopping by.)

-Liz Shannon Milller

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