overthinking the idiot box

Television is such an odd medium. It's host to some truly terrible things -- people humiliating other people for sport, tragic death exploited for ratings gains, CSI: Miami. But its triumphs can outshine the achievements of great literature or art, bringing together nations, millions of people crying out like children for one more story before bedtime. Television is low-brow. Television is largely junk. Television is one of the few things holding us all together.

SMRT-TV is a webzine, produced every other Monday, devoted to the analysis and discussion of television as a medium, as a form of entertainment and as a formative element of culture. In short, we aim to be smart, and use our smarts to overthink "the idiot box."

How did SMRT-TV get its name?
The answers you seek lie here. Our theory is that if you subtract the A, smarts become twice as fun. And we're all about fun here at SMRT-TV.

Are you looking for contributors?
Absolutely. If you've ever had to make the choice between food or cable, if you've ever referred to your TiVo as your significant other, if you've ever stayed up until 3 AM debating Joss Whedon's daddy issues, then we need you. We're currently looking for smart, cool and funny couch potatoes -- writers interested in tackling stand-alone features, interviews, and TV on DVD.

All work is currently on a spec basis, but, god willing, will lead to Scrooge-McDuck-like piles of money later on. So get in on the ground floor, email us at homer@smrt-tv.com, and start justifying your addition now!