overthinking the idiot box

April 24, 2006

Letter from the editor
Have A Great Summer! TTFN!

So Veronica Mars is getting ready for graduation, and boy, I sure hope that that scholarship to Stanford comes through! I mean, what a shock it'll be, if Veronica ends up not going to Stanford and instead attends that Hearst College, located only ten freeway exits away from the standing sets of sunny Neptune, CA! Especially since her best friend already got admitted to Hearst on an academic scholarship and she met that admissions counselor during jury duty who was so impressed with her! Season 3 of Veronica Mars is going to be so full of surprises!

This is a fun time of year for TV, as the big shows prepare for their climatic season-enders, the big surprises. It definitely feels like the end of high school, the end of one era and the beginning of another. For most shows, at least. Maybe not CSI or According to Jim. But certainly the shows that matter. After all, most TV shows are like sharks -- they stop moving, they die. And no one likes watching a dead show. Not that a dead show can't have its moments of life, but how often do we stick around to check?

It's not quite time for summer yet, but the anticipation is building, the finales just on the horizon. What exciting twists and turns await us? If you're a loyal fan, then you already know that the internet can tell you the answers. If you're a super-loyal fan, then you've probably already figured it out ahead of time.

But you'll still probably be watching. After all, just because everyone signs the same thing in yearbooks doesn't keep them from passing them around.

-Liz Shannon Miller

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